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Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Corporate Law

Liechtenstein offers a wide range of corporate structuring options. We assist you in choosing the ideal type of legal entity for your project, the formation of the company, obtaining the relevant permissions and business licenses etc. Furthermore, we advise and assist you in all questions of corporate succession planning, acquisition and sale as well as restructuring of companies or business units. We provide guidance throughout the entire process, starting with initial ideas, throughout negotiations and on to the drafting and implementation of contracts pre- and post-closing.

Data Protection

Due to the steady development of IT and the potential for its abuse, the legal area of data protection has significantly enhanced in importance in recent years. The increasingly complex and comprehensive provisions of European Law (key word: General Data Protection Regulation; “GDPR”) constantly forces companies to adapt to the current applicable legal situation.

We support you with respect to the evaluation and ensuring of the compliance of your company with data protection provisions. We assist you in the set-up of data protection declarations, non-disclosure agreements, declarations of consent, service agreements and in your compliance with legal reporting requirements.

Additionally, we present and advocate your interests dealing with governmental authorities, institutions or companies, if your respective data protection rights were harmed through any illicit processing or use of your data.

Employment and Social Security Law

A sound understanding and application of the provisions of employment law is crucial for both entrepreneurs and employees. We have extensive experience and expertise in advising and representing either side. We can also advise and represent you in social security matters where European standards and cross-border elements play an important role.

Financial Markets

As a bank, insurance company, asset manager or provider in the field of investment funds you are confronted with a huge number of recent and forthcoming regulatory requirements. We advise on and assist in implementing structures and processes e.g. in structuring funds on the basis of Liechtenstein’s unique regulatory landscape. We also offer advice with regard to the impact these new rules may have on your relationship with customers, business partners and service providers. We deal with the regulatory authorities on your behalf and represent your interests in court.

FinTech, Cryptocurrencies, ICO

Blockchain-technology is a revolutionary concept. It is suited to influence and innovate (governmental) systems, which until recently were considered as irrevocable and indispensable.
In particular blockchain-based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more represent an alternative and innovative option for a decentralised payment process. Due to a high volatility and an increased independency of external influences, cryptocurrencies are a frequently desired investment, but, however, entail a high risk at the same time.

We advise you on legal hedging- and general structuring possibilities, support you in the context of implementation of your blockchain-based business model and advocate your interests dealing with governmental authorities and institutions.

Additionally, we have extensive experience and professional expertise with regard to the legal support and implementation of ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering) in particular.

Foundations, Trusts and Succession Planning

We have longstanding experience with regard to the specifics of Liechtenstein Foundations, Trusts, Establishments and other types of legal entity. With comprehensive experience in advising trust service providers as well as representing beneficiaries, heirs, foundation council members, trustees etc. in and out of court, we not only know the legal fieldwork and pitfalls but also how things are handled in practice.

We further advise our clients with regard to succession planning and probate proceedings.

Intellectual Property Law

Liechtenstein provides interesting structuring opportunities in the field of intellectual property rights. We advise and assist you in the registration, renewal and enforcement of national and international trademarks and designs. Furthermore, we advise you in drafting license agreements and assist with regard to questions of copy right law.

Litigation, Arbitration and White Collar Crime

We provide comprehensive services in litigation and arbitration and advice and represent our clients in front of the courts in civil and criminal proceedings. We benefit from many years’ practice and have accumulated sound experience in complex cases of national and international litigation. We are used to thoroughly analysing our client’s specific situation: we provide a breakdown of the risks and opportunities, strengths and weaknesses before determining with the client the most promising strategy. White Collar Crime cases require sound expertise in order to understand the interaction of their financial and legal aspects. We are not only experienced in advising and representing suspects but also in safeguarding the interests of an aggrieved party.

Public Law

Public and administrative law increasingly impacts all fields of business – not only those directly dealing with the administration and/or public authorities but also between private parties.

We use our knowledge and experience to advise our clients on aspects of public law and represent them before Liechtenstein authorities.

Our services include:

  • Trade and Industry Law
  • Financial Markets Regulation
  • Domiciliation of Corporations and Individuals
  • Construction Law, Transfer of  Real Estate
  • International Mutual Legal and Administrative Assistance
  • European Law
  • Telecommunication Law
  • Data protection
Real Estate and Lease

Liechtenstein is a country with limited resources; this applies in particular to residential areas. You not only profit from our expertise in the field of real estate transactions but also from our network in Liechtenstein and the region.

Tax Law

Increasing globalization entails a growing necessity for international tax planning. We advise our clients with regard to all aspects of Liechtenstein’s individual and corporate taxation and represent them before the Liechtenstein tax authorities (e.g. in negotiating tax rulings or tax litigation). It is our goal to prearrange with the Liechtenstein tax authorities clear and optimized solutions in advance of a transaction. Due to our network of tax professionals in various jurisdictions and our sound knowledge of Liechtenstein corporate law we are in a position to advise our clients in setting up optimized and tax-compliant tailor-made corporate structures or to support them in regularizing existing structures in the clients’ home jurisdictions. We further advise and represent our clients in International Mutual Legal Assistance proceedings.

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Recent Cases

Income from soccer-playing „disappeared“
An international soccer-pro had to learn one day that the income from merchandising activities which he worked on over years and which was always paid, upon recommendation of his former manager, to Liechtenstein, had actually "disappeared“. The manager, who was intended to hold and manage the ...
CRR / CRD and the Liechtenstein Constitution
The exact application of CRR and CRD in all detail has often raised and still does raise questions. One of our client banks was fined by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority for breach of CRR and CRD provisions relating to capital requirements. We challenged the FMA decision as to our ...
Is the payment of taxes a „damage“ ?
"Data thefts" still find their ways into the headlines. From time to time, sometimes still CD's with data stolen from banks or financial services providers specifically Switzerland or Liechtenstein appear and are offered to and bought by (specifically) German tax authorities. Regularly, this leads ...
Restructuring and transfer of seat of an insurance entity
Since 2015, we are accompanying a foreign insurance entity in an overall restructuring exercise including the transfer of the seat to Liechtenstein. The restructuring included several cross-border and national (Liechtenstein) mergers and legal transformations (Societas Europaea).



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